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If you have never thought about being a dad to your child, this is the right time to think about it!

This might seem a little cringy for you to behave like a dad because we all are not used to behave like one.

But if you want to be a better father, there are five basic rules to know your child and make them a better person.

Being a dad is never easy but we have to make things easier for our child! All we want is the happiness of our kids!

Here, I will talk about five specific things that I did and they made me feel good.

as a dad i think i did right

Read to Them

There is nothing better than books to teach someone something. They say books can let you travel without you moving your feet. And if you want your children to see the world with the eyes of the intellectuals, books are the key.

In the beginning, I didn’t do this intentionally. I used to read books for myself and my kid used to listen carefully. One day he quoted me something from a book I read before him and I realized that kids really listen to us. When they get into the habit of reading books before them, they start to admire this.

As a result, they will never spend a day without reading books. As kids follow us, I think it is amazing to put the habit of reading books into them. He can know the world better.

family dinner

Have Family Dinners

Family dinners may look a little annoying and cheesy but this is very helpful. It is very special for your kid.

As a dad, you might think it’s about food but trust me, it is not. When I started going to family dinners once a month, I realized that I am getting to know my child better.

You don’t want your child to tell you one day that you don’t even know his favorite food, do you? That’s what it is! To know him better and to let him know about you more, family dinners are important.

Also, this is a way to get the family together for spending quality time out of chaos. This makes the children closer to their parents. He will get to see the outer world and know how the world works if you go out in dinners.

The extra benefit you get is your child can know about different foods along with the names of the countries written beside the foods. It helps to develop his vocabulary.


Play with the Kids

No father will deny that you can know your children more when you are playing. When they play, they are real. They behave the way they actually are. In this case, if you spend time with him, you can support him in building his world.

On the other hand, when you are playing, give him a chance to be the leader. I did this and trust me this helped in building a leadership capability in my son. Also, while playing, provide her toys for both male and female children.

In this way, he will have no gender discrimination in his mind. Go for kid’s sensory toys to kid’s bikes. If you cannot go outside, bring him a kid’s indoor play setup. When they are playing, you can easily teach him stuff.

Tell him about the small specifics of the toys he plays with. This can let him know the small details and be more interested in those. Also, you can easily understand what’s the aim of your child in his life by playing with him.

playging with kids

Teach Them Stuff

When you are doing your work, if he comes in, welcome him. Do not get angry or annoyed. When I work, I have seen my son copying me. So, in short, your kid follows you. This is a great opportunity to teach him the basics.

If you are working with a camera, let him participate in it. If he is interested. Buy him an action camera. You can also do household chores and make him participate in that. To keep his track, you can use a kid’s Fitbit or activity tracker. 

Let him know that all works are equal. When you are cleaning the yard, let him help you. Participating will make him interested in work. If you don’t let him participate, once he gets a little old, he won’t be interested anymore.

Let him watch the TV news and let him know how to talk over the phone. Teach him mannerisms and make him know how to behave in formal places. Let him know how to switch on the space heater and how to take out the mattress.

Let him know what’s his duty. This will bring up a better version of your child.


Just Be There

The best thing I did was to be there beside my children no matter what. In every thick and thin, you have to be beside them. They might face problems in their lives. Especially when you are the only parent or when your child reaches the teenage, things may go wrong.

All you have to do is stay by his side. Don’t be angry or rude to them. Try to understand their points and then share your opinions with them. Don’t force anything. Let them know that you understand them and you will always be there for them.

Wrap Up

Being a dad might be a little struggling. But you have to make a list of your ethics. No child is the same and so, you have to make decisions according to your child. First of all, knowing them is the best way to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

If you haven’t done these all, you still have time! Do all these five things and see yourself getting proud of you!

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