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children drawing on wall

: Papa! I draw a picture of you.

: Wow! Really son? Let me have a look at it.

: It’s on the wall. Can you see the color?

: OH my god!

Wanted to know about parenting? This is what parenting is. Parenting is fun. But, wait! Have you seen the part of ‘responsibility’ in it?

It’s like two sides of a coin. You can hold your own piece of life, can enjoy their every moment. Kids- they are super cute too! But, to be a successful dad, you need to show some perfection too.

There are some habits that you should nurture in you. Let’s take a look at them and make the yourr journey more comfortable, enjoyable and easier!

Always be there

One day your kid will be a grown man or women. They won’t need your presence each and every moment. But, the only fact they will remember is how much you were there for them when they were a kid. As a little one, your kid needs you. So, be at his/her side the most. It is tough to change yourself suddenly. There are other chores that you may need to do.

But, maintain schedule and try to make as much time as you can. Like the mother, kids need their father too. It is a lifetime opportunity that won’t come back. So, don’t avoid or give less importance. Be with your kid all the time he/she needs you.

Be with your children

Be patient

How many times you kid ask you any question? There will be a whole lot of question that your kid will ask you continuously. They will do really stupid things and you have to go through it. As a dad, you need to be patient at that time. Patience is really important and good virtue. A kid can help you to be good at it. Even, if you practice how to be patient, it may help you to be a good father too.

Accept it all

Did you have any expectation from your child? Don’t keep it. Just accept the kid the way he/she is. It will make your life as a dad easier. Your kid also will be very happy with you. Sometimes, as a father, you may have some expectation. You may do a portrait of your life after having your child much easier. But, in real life, all of it won’t be true. So, if your dream shatters, don’t be pessimistic and accept.

Be a good person

There are so many people around you and your child who are influencing your kid. A good father not only takes care of his child, but he also takes care of the entire family too. Who is the most important person in your kid’s life beside you? It’s his/her mother. So, take good care of her. Be gentle to everyone around your kid. It will make you a good person and a good father at the same time.

Be a friend

Your child needs a friend more than a dad. So, be a friend of them. It is the best way to protect your child from doing anything wrong. Love, respect, trust- we have everything in a friend. You also will gain all of it as a friend. For that, don’t judge them all the time. Discuss with them. Be with them. That’s the way you will get their trust. That’s the way how before going to any other person, your kid will come to you while there is any problem.

Believe them

As a grown up may be you have lost your trust in people. But, don’t do the same to your kid. He/she is the most precious thing you have. So, believe them. If you don’t believe them, they won’t be able to do the same to you. Even, the fact is, if you tell them that that can’t fly. They won’t be able to fly! Teach them that, they will be able to do anything. They are the most awesome person in the whole world. It will raise their confidence. Rather than smashing their own world, be in it and cheer them!

Believe your kids

Love your kid’s friend

You are the most reliable friend of your kid. But, there will be some other people of his/her age, who will be the best friend of them out of the home. They can be from the school or playground. May be, your kid’s friend is your neighbor.  Don’t only be good to your kid, be good to his/her friend too. You may like some of them that much. But believe me, your kid is not totally perfect too! Be a little bit secure. But, don’t do overreact. Love your kid’s friend too.

Be careful

As a dad, you are careful about your children. It’s obvious. But, there is something more you need to be careful about. There are social media and internet out there which can influence your child badly. Try to discuss the negative features of these things with your child. Besides, be aware of peoples too. If your kid tells you something, don’t overlook it. If someone behaves weirdly with them, try to make sure that it was not intentional. In case any issue arises, be with your kid. They are not tough enough to fight against the world. You are his/her dad. You should be careful and ready always for them.

Share some fun work

It’s not only the playtime or the school meeting when your kid needs you. To grow some bonding among you and your kid, share some fun work too. Keep his/her secret, do something unique that only you two do. Watch cartoons, read a book, catch the fish. Create some fun activity that makes you two happier every time. Do it together. It will create a good bonding between you.

Be more creative

There are some rules and regulation of everything. For example, you can’t sing while you are reading. You can’t use a soap bar instead of shampoo for your hair. But, when you are a father, every boundary just breaks down. There is no static thing that you have to maintain. You can use a paper towel as your kid’s diaper, you can take a color and do her nail polish and so many more! The fact is, you just need to make your kid happy. For this, be creative. It will help you a lot!

creative father

Be helpful

Are you helping your wife a lot with the baby? Be more helpful. It is starting. It may be the day, it may be the night. Be there every time she needs you. It will make the process easier for her. And the bonding between dad and his kid- it will be stronger too.

So, are you already a daddy or going to be one? These habits are so important that, after having a baby in your life, you will find yourself a changed person. Obviously, the change will be positive. These good habits will make your life easier, happier, and more satisfied. And you kid? For them, you will be the best dad in the world!


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