Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Daughter – List of 20 Best Items

What brings a smile to your daughter’s face? Is it a toy? Is it a balloon? Whatever it is, to make your kid happy you can bring that in her upcoming birthday, right?

But, if you don’t have enough idea about that, this is the perfect place from where you can generate some ideas. What’s your daughter’s age? What does she like? Kids, they are of the same age, but they think and love different things.

You know your daughter better than anyone. Let’s take a look at the gift ideas for your 5-year-old daughter out there. You will find them interesting, for sure, and choose one from them as the best option. So, let’s begin!

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Daughter

Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Daughter

Seedling Disney’s The Little Mermaid Design

Disney's The Little Mermaid gift for 5 years old teen

Does your kid love mermaid from Disney? Normally, kids love to see the movie and love the creature from the sea in that beautiful way. They try to be one of them.

But in the process of being mermaid, they find some lacking, like- not having a colorful tail. If your daughter is fond of a mermaid and always try to be like them, then Seedling Disney’s The Little Mermaid Design can be the best gift for her from you.

It is a tail, which can be designed by using various color, beads, and so many things.

Not only that your kid will be happy after getting it, but she will also be able to enhance her creativity by designing the tail.


Meiyuan Cute Animal Puppy Dog Design Plush Pencil Case

Puppy Dog Design Plush Pencil Case

School is fun! Maybe, it’s fun for your kid too. But, what about her feelings? Does she always be upset while going to school because of her toys?

Normally, while in school, kids miss their toys from home. But what can you do! School won’t allow any toys.

In that case, to make your daughter happy, you can gift her a puppy dog designed bag. It will carry all the pencil, eraser and other things.

On the other hand, it will make her feel comfortable, as she will have one of her cute toy in school too.

if your kid just starting to attend school, it will help her nor only in the home, but also in the school too.

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Little Gardener Tool Set with Bag

Little Gardener Tool Set

A kid should know about all the natural ingredients out there. Can you remember your childhood, while you used to swim, plant and play around with your friends?

Maybe, now you kid doesn’t have that much opportunity to do all these activities, but you can provide them something very important- the knowledge of gardening.

Little Gardener Tool Set with Bag is very lightweight and consists of all the tools that are needed to do gardening. If you are not negative about your kid play with the mud, it can be the best fun learning activity for her.


Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

Kick Scooter with Removable Seat

Do your kid love riding? It can be tough for her to ride on a bicycle. But, you can easily get her as your companion while riding through buying her a new Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat. This scooter is a very charming one.

It has two ways to use. Your kid can use it while standing and after some time, if she wants, she can sit while driving it too. Its seat is removable. Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter with Removable Seat can manage kid’s height.

Your daughter may grow fast. It has the option to enlarge with the height of your kid. Besides, you will get some attractive color in it, which will attract you kid for sure.


Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles for kid

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles

Can’t get your daughter away from the fridge’s magnet? You can settle it with 500 different colored magnets. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles for kid provides you the option. They will love to make different things through using magnets. Besides, it will enhance their creativity too.


Lakeshore Draw & Write Journal

Lakeshore Draw & Write Journal

The kid tends to write and color everything that they get. Why don’t you gift her an awesome draw and write a journal? In it, your daughter will be able to draw different things and write whatever she has in her mind. If your kid just has started for school or about to start, it is the best option for her.


OTO Ice Cream Truck

ice cream truck

A whole big ice Cream truck for your kid, can you imagine? Of course, your kid will be able to make herself comfortable in it all the time. Whether she wants to throw a party or eat or read or do anything, she can use this truck. It is made of a cardboard box. Without creating any hassle, you can easily provide it to your kid.


Fat Brain Toys Dado Squares

Fat Brain Toys for 5 years old

The kid loves to make things on their own. You can’t let them play all the time outside of the house. At that time, you can keep your child busy with this Fat Brain Toys Dado Squares. Through using it, the kid will be able to make boxes, house and anything they want. It will develop their ability to think, calculate and create.


Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini Visual Timer

Learning Resources Time Tracker

It may sound a little bit boring, but your kid will love it. Your kid must know what hour or minute is. Here is the option to let them very specific about it. You can do it through Time Tracker Mini Visual Timer. By using this, your kid will be able to set the timer and finish their task within the given time. If your kid is adventurous, she will love to use it in her adventures.


Fat Brain Toys Sturdy Birdy

Fat Brain Toys Sturdy Birdy

Do you want your kid to have better control of her body while playing? Fat Brain Toys Sturdy Birdy helps in that case. It needs more than one kid to play it. While using it, the kid makes a different position standing on one leg. It is fun! But if you want something more than fun, this toy will provide you learning too to your kid.


Mattel DC Justice League True-Moves Series Wonder Woman

Mattel DC Justice League

Not only the mermaid from Disney, but Wonder Women also can be your kid’s role model. She may want to be a superwoman like her. You can provide a very beautiful wonder women toy to your daughter as a gift. Besides, if she has any specific preference, you can gift him that toy too. This toy not only gives pleasure to your kid. It also will help her to be confident, brave and optimistic. She will love herself more than ever.


Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Every kid has their world. Your laptop may be a good source of enjoyment for them. But, with the more vibrant blue color and amazing features, Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet will provide them the best experience. Your kid can watch a movie, read a book and play a game in it. What more you can want from kids’ tablets? It is a super pack. These days, kids are more attached to technology than anything else. This tech can make a bundle of joy for your daughter too.


L P Kids Karaoke Machine

Kids Karaoke Machine

Tell me something! Does your kid love to do karaoke like the other girls? L P Kids Karaoke Machine can be a huge celebration for her. Normally, in these age kids find themselves in love with singing. And they continue it with the karaoke. It gives them the feel of being a rock star.

How many kids do you have? Does your daughter have any friend? The most amazing fact is, this karaoke machine can fulfill the demand of many people at a time. So, your daughter doesn’t have to stop singing to provide the opportunity to anyone else. It’s her time. Let her enjoy!


Schwinn Jasmine Girl’s Bicycle

chwinn Jasmine Girl's Bicycle,

Your kid needs to play outside, doesn’t she? To be healthy and brave, everyone needs to face the outside world. Your kid needs it too. But, what can be the most comfortable way for her to approach the outside world and enjoy every bit of it? It can be a Schwinn Jasmine Girl’s Bicycle. It is comfortable and very useful for the kids of this age. So, this birthday, this can be a very thoughtful present from you to her.


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

What do you want from your daughter? Soon, how do you want to see him? It’s true that only knowing about someone’s life don’t make you like them. But, it influences you. In can influence your mind. Especially, if you provide the inspirational stories of the brave, intelligent and awesome girl around the world to your kid, it will cast more influence on them than ever. Besides, reading a bedtime story to your daughter will close your bond with her. Let’s buy her Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls with the 100 stories!


The Secret Life of Pets toy

Best Friend Max for 5 year old teen

Maybe, you can’t let her have a real dog. But, you can give her the best companion, The Secret Life of Pets – Best Friend Max. It is a toy, but more than just a toy. You must have remembered the dog Max from ‘the secret life of pet’? Here, Max does not the only standstill. He talks, he wags his tail and interacts. Your kid will be able to feed him, take him to a walk once you get a dog like Max to her.


Melissa & Doug Deluxe Created By Me

Wooden Alphabet Beads Set for 5 years old teen

If your kid love jewelry and like to make one by her own, Melissa & Doug Deluxe Created By Me can be the best gift for her. There are different types of beads in it. Through using them you can also let them learn the words.


Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Like before as we said, kids just love to paint things. What about if you present her a pillowcase that she can color as much as she wants? Doodle World Map Pillowcase will make her wish come true. If she like doodle and paint, then she just will love it!


Skoolzy Stem Toys

Skoolzy Stem Toys for Boys & Girls

How much imagination power you want for your kid to practice? A Skoolzy Stem Toys provides her all of it. It has straw and particles of different shapes, through which she can make things as much as she wants. It not only will make her busy, but it will also improve her thinking ability too.


Some Important FAQ’s

Why toys are that much important for your daughter?

As you can see from the list of toys mentioned in this article, kids get instantly influenced by their kids. They need a companion. It makes them happy. It improves their confidence, intelligence, thinking ability and so on. So, in that case, anything can’t be better and more attractive to them than the toys.

Is playing outside really necessary for a kid?

Of course, it is. It will introduce her to the outside world. She will fall, she will get hurt. But, she will learn a lot through this process too.

What types of toys my 5-year-old daughter will like?

Every child is very special. Your kid is too. She may have a different preference in the case of toys. Let’s just ask her and know about her ideas about everything, what she is fond of. Normally, color and imagination attract them more at this age than anything. While buying a toy for your 5-year-old daughter, you can keep these things in your head.

Things you need to consider before buying a toy for your five year old kid

There are some very important things that you need to consider while you are going to buy a gift for your kid.

At first, it should be made of something non-toxic. Kids can swallow it or do anything. Make sure that these toys are not harmful to their health.

Secondly, you should consider their age and go for the best suitable one. You just can’t buy something that your kid just can’t use at this age. It may be useful for the future, but it won’t fulfill the purpose in present time.

And lastly, give something to your kid that she likes the most. You have found something awesome, that doesn’t mean that your kid will consider it awesome too. You are buying something for him. He should love it first!


We all want to give the best gift to our daughter. You also want the same. She is the princess! But, see! Making your princess happy, bring a smile to her face is not that much tough. All you just have to know about your kid’s desire. A Disney mermaid, a bicycle- whatever it is, let’s make a good bond and know your kid better. Getting something amazing for her will be easier!


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