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Is your kid not willing to wash his teeth? Taking mouthwash can be the easiest solution to your problem. But, then again, the basic purpose of mouthwash is not to provide your kid with some fun.

It needs to work properly for their teeth too. To purchase mouthwash, you don’t have to visit a pharmacy or supermarket. It’s available in almost all the stationery shops, too.

But if you want to buy something effective and the best mouthwash for the kid, think a bit more. Take a glimpse at this article. Of course, you know what the best is for your kid. Still, let us help you! It will make your work much easier.


Best Mouthwash For Kids and Toddlers: Top Brands Reviewed in 2021

Best Mouthwash For Kids

Spry Kids Mouthwash – Alcohol-free natural bubble gum

Spry Kids Mouthwash

While buying a mouthwash, you must are concerned about your kid’s health too. Wait! Do you think that healthy products always have to be tasteless? Of course not!

Spry Kids Mouthwash is the best example of that. It has xylitol in it. That serves two purposes at a time. It not only works as a natural sweetener. Besides, it helps to prevent tooth decay too. This mouthwash has a very perfect blend of herbal. That’s why this mouthwash works very gently on teeth. It has a non-GMO formula. If you are afraid that your toddler swallows mouthwash, you don’t need to worry while you are using spry mouthwash. It is non-harmful for kid’s health.

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Colgate Kids Minions Bello Bubble Fruit Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

Colgate Kids Minions Bello Bubble Fruit Anticavity Fluoride Rinse

In their mouthwash, kids want two things the most. One is- their favorite character on it and secondly, the bubble fruit flavor. Colgate Kids Minions Bello Bubble Fruit Anticavity Fluoride Rinse has both of them in it.

It has minion’s character on the bottle and bubble flavor in it. Besides, it protects your kid’s teeth too. This mouthwash makes the enamel layer of your kid’s teeth stronger and cavity-free.

Moreover, it has no alcohol, color, ethanol in it. Thus, if you are having fear of any health issue or burning sensation in your kid’s mouth, that won’t happen with it.

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Hello Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free and SLS Free Rinse – Best fluoride-free mouthwash for kids

Hello Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free and SLS Free Rinse

Want to give your kid a different and magical taste in his mouthwash?

I bet, you kid will love the taste of watermelon and mint. In Hello Oral Care Kids Fluoride Free and SLS Free Rinse, your kid would be able to enjoy something different from the safety of their teeth. Even without using any fluoride, this mouthwash manages to get rid of cavities from teeth.

Are you concerned about your kid’s health? No worries. This mouthwash contains no alcohol, sulfates, artificial color or flavor. It’s natural for your kid. If you are looking for some extra protection for your kid, this one can ensure that.

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ACT Kids Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Bubblegum Blowout Children’s Mouthwash

ACT Kids Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Bubblegum Blowout Children's Mouthwash

Want to fight with the cavity of your kid’s teeth in the maximum level? ACT Kids Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Bubblegum Blowout Children’s Mouthwash provides you the opportunity with the maximum use of fluoride in it.

Though you only will be able to use this mouthwash once in a day, it will ensure the best protection to the teeth. It’s alcohol-free and can be found in different flavors.

Sponge Bob Ocean Berry, Bubblegum Blowout, and Batman Fruit Punch- what your kid does want? It has sorbitol, which makes the mouthwash sweet and, at a time, the favorite to the kids. With the perfect meter system, it is easy for the kid to take the right amount of mouthwash at a time.

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Mountain Falls Anticavity Fluoride Rinse for Kids

Mountain Falls Anticavity Fluoride Rinse for Kids

This pack of mouthwash may seem very normal to you. But actually, it is not! If you are looking for something that will work well while fighting for your kid’s oral health, Mountain Falls Anticavity Fluoride Rinse for Kids is something more than perfect.

It fights hard against all the bacteria. Your kid will enjoy its bubble flavor too. In case, if your kid doesn’t love the bubble flavor, then you can just skip it. Otherwise, this gluten-free, sugar-free, and free of the artificial ingredients will provide more health benefits than the other mouthwash. So, you should just take it!

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Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Wicked Fresh Cool Mountain Mouth Wash Bottle

Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Wicked Fresh Cool Mountain Mouth Wash

Searching something very natural? Are you trying to find something both effective and full of natural ingredients? With the perfect blend of oil and mineral zinc, Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Wicked Fresh Cool Mountain Mouth Wash Bottle is exactly the product that you are trying to have. It is very useful while it comes to oral health.

On the other hand, if you want to provide different tastes to your kids in their mouthwash, through using this one, you can make it true. This mouthwash has a total of 4 types of mint flavor. If your kids are totally in love with the mint flavor, then you must provide this one to them. They will just love it!

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TheraBreath Kids Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse

TheraBreath Kids Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse

Do you want the best safeguard for your kid’s teeth? TheraBreath Kids Anti-Cavity Oral Rinse will help your kid to get rid of all the cavity of his teeth, without using any artificial color or flavor. It is a mix flavor of xylitol and grapes. So, your kid will get the benefits of these two ingredients. Besides, as these two are natural sweeteners, your kid will enjoy the flavor too.

Among all the mouthwash, if you want the vegan one, this mouthwash will serve the purpose too. Besides, it’s gluten-free and kosher. It will give some super freshness to your kid’s mouth.

What if your kid tends to fell mouthwash while using? No worries. This mouthwash is clear one and it won’t leave any mark on the floor. With it, you and your kid- both will be happy!

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Listerine Smart Rinse Kids Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash

Listerine Smart Rinse Kids Alcohol-Free Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash

And, here comes the Listerine Smart Rinse. Among all the market products, this is here in the market for a long time and more popular than any other product. It cleans your kid’s teeth without alcohol.

So, there is no issue of burning here! It has a sweet bubble gum flavor. So, your kid just likes it. In case, they don’t like the bubble gum one, you can take Listerine smart rinse berry or Listerine smart rinse mint. With the different characters from Marvel, The Incredibles, and Disney- your kid will just love it!

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Natures Answer – Nature’S Answer Periowash Mouthwash

Nature'S Answer Periowash Mouthwash Alcohol-Free Winter Mint

As the title says, Natures Answer – Nature’S Answer Periowash Mouthwash is the answer of every germ and bacteria in your kid’s mouth in a natural way. What type of oral problem your kid is facing?

From plaque growth to bad breath- this mouthwash solves almost every problems regarding our oral health. It has a blend of nine different types of oil. Your kid will enjoy its mint flavor. But, this mouthwash has so many more ingredients in it that have come from nature and without leaving any negative effect will fix your issues.

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Crest 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Anticavity Fluoride Mouth Rinse.

Crest 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Anticavity Fluoride Mouth Rinse

Is your kid suffering from yellow teeth? From experiments, it has been found that whitening powder is effective for our teeth to be white. And among all the other powder, Crest 3D is the best one to serve this purpose without any negative impact.

For your kid, if that is the main agenda, then you take Crest 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong Anticavity Fluoride Mouth Rinse. It will work perfectly over two months. To fight against cavity, it has fluoride in it too. But, then again, if your kid has sensitive teeth, try not to use it in the first place.

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How to choose the best mouthwash for your toddler?

Types of Mouthwash

There are two types of mouthwash. One is cosmetic mouthwash. And the other one is known as a therapeutic mouthwash.

If you are suffering from bad breath and you need to use something to clean your teeth regularly, cosmetic mouthwash is for you. It will help you to get your teeth cleaned and mouth fresh. On the other hand, therapeutic mouthwash is a little bit different. If you have any problem in your teeth, this mouthwash will help you. For example- if you want to reduce plaque, tooth decay, or any other oral problem, this mouthwash will help you.

Mouthwash is a very important thing these days to ensure proper oral cleaning of your kid. Mouthwash can show and reach those places where toothpaste can’t reach. But, even when you are choosing a mouthwash, you should pay heed to some things. While you are buying a mouthwash for your kid, take something that is-


You will find a little portion of alcohol in some mouthwash. But, this is not good for kid’s teeth. It can create a burning feeling in their mouth. So, go for an alcohol-free mouthwash.


There are mouthwashes that have color, sugar, gluten, and other artificial ingredients. If you want to provide your kid with a very healthy oral treatment, you should choose something natural for them.

Less fluoride

Fluoride provides very special treatment for our teeth. It can reach some places in between your teeth that are very tough for toothpaste or any other medium. So, you should take a mouthwash which has fluoride. But, take that one which has less portion in it. Normally, in the most mouthwashes 0.02% fluoride portion is used. If the portion is less, it won’t create any problem for your kid’s teeth. So, you can take it for your one.

Certified one

There are so many mouthwashes on the market. Among them, go for the certified one only. If it is properly examined by the lab, you can use it without any tension.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When a kid should start using mouthwash?

  • As using mouthwash is easier than the other option, your kid can use it as soon as he/she will learn the process of spitting water and swish with the mouthwash. But, primarily, always try to ensure that whether your kid’s are swallowing any mouthwash or not.

Are flavored mouthwashes not good for a kid?

  • Always try to get something natural for your kid. But, if he/she wants some amazing taste, then you can go for the flavored ones.

Why using mouthwash is necessary?

  • As a kid grows, their teeth start building plaque, cavity buildup starts and teeth decay process starts. Through using mouthwash you can protect their teeth from all these problems. And, of course, their mouth will enjoy some freshness through this way too.

Is it healthy for kids to use mouthwash?

  • It depends on what type of mouthwash you have taken for your kids and how much they are using it. You should take something safe for your kids. On the other hand, as it is prescribed, try to let your kid use their mouthwash only at that time.

Can elder people use kid’s mouthwash?

  • Yes. They can. On the other hand, kids can use their elder one’s mouthwash too. But, it should be in a limited portion.

Can mouthwash take the place of brushing?

  • No. even when you are using mouthwash, you should use brushing and floss for better oral health.

People, especially, kids can’t manage their toothpaste easily. Besides, there is some visual difference between mouthwash and toothpaste, for which you get a better rinse while using mouthwash.

If you are concerned about your kid’s oral health and want to provide them the best, mouthwash can be the right option for you. Of course, you should maintain some quality checks.

This article was just a summary of my research. While I was picking mouthwash for my kid, I tried to go through them all and find the best one. I just tried to help you. Then again, you know your kid the best. So, just go for the perfect one!


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