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With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting harder than ever, the usage of digital technology has been increasing more and more each day. Starting from adults to even toddlers, everyone consumes quite a lot of digital screen time due to a decrease in outings or everyday socialization.

Be it a zoom call meeting, your kid’s online classes, or just some series or cartoon you or your kids want to watch, the popularity of digital devices is now at its peak.

But when it comes to spending long hours on your laptop or phone or smartwatches, it can be extremely straining to your eyes. This is where these blue light glasses come in to save the day. So what are these really? Let’s get to know a bit about this specific light wave and the pair of glasses then!

Facts – Blue Light Glasses for Kids

 blue light glasses for kids

Blue light is known to fall under the visible light color spectrum which consists of high energy and shorter wavelengths. The biggest and only star in our solar system is the sun, which is known to be the greatest emitter of blue light. Although this light plays a beneficial role during the daytime by increasing our attention span and regulating our mood throughout the day, it does quite the opposite at night. 

Similarly, fluorescent lights and electronic devices such as TV, laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets– all screens emit this blue light which is the root cause of harmful effects to your growing child’s eyes as well as yours.

Can blue light filtering glasses help the cause?

If your child is used to watching cartoons on Youtube for hours before bedtime, these kinds of light can possibly be as harmful as UV rays. That is when you need to opt for this special eyewear, known as blue-light-blocking lenses. A great alternative to glasses of the traditional type, these spectacles will prevent adverse effects of digital eye strain.

So, what does this eyewear really do? 

Regulation of proper sleep cycle

Due to increasing time on screen, electronic devices give off more blue light. As a result, this disrupts our circadian rhythms greatly. The production of melatonin induces an adequate sleep time at night.

But due to the rise in using LED-backlit screens, such as laptops and tablets, blue light is constantly emitted and causes an irregularity in melatonin secretion. Consecutively, this brings about difficulties in sleeping and leads to poor sleep quality.

These blue-light blockers come in handy at such an hour before bedtime. With its light filter lenses, the eyes are supported by a tad bit of yellow tint that helps in removing eye discomfort. For those kids suffering from chronic eye discomfort, these specs can be a practical solution when whiling away on hours of screen time. 

Comforting for your eyes

Such glasses for kids can be immensely useful when spending long periods of time on phones or tablets. An increase in screen time can develop severe digital eyestrain. According to specialists from the American Academy of Ophthalmologists, digital eye strain can show a wide variety of signs and symptoms including- blurry vision, headaches, poor posture, dry eyes, and eye tiredness. 

Due to the anti-glare coating in blue light blockers, negative consequences such as eye fatigue and dry eyes can be easily prevented. At the same time, the anti-scratch coating will allow your kids to use these glasses comfortably while not having to worry about durability. Then again, most of these blue-filtering glasses come with a “worry-free” warranty lasting for a year or more.

Helping with attention disorder

Because of the current “stay at home” circumstance, most kids are having to replace their playmates with electronic devices.

Most likely consequences of such behavior have led to an improper bedtime routine. As an outcome, a disrupted circadian clock has caused kids to outgrow attention disorders such as ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactive disorder) which damages your brain cells.

In order to protect your children from such mental disorders, eye doctors recommend using these special lenses as an extra method of precaution. However, the best way to tackle this is obviously to decrease your child’s hours of screen time to a minimal level.

Some common misbeliefs

blue light blocking glasses for kids

Certain common misconceptions circulate regarding the effectiveness of such light filtering glasses. Most people think that these spectacles can prevent myopia, or in easier words, nearsightedness.

Anyhow, this isn’t the sole purpose of such glasses as myopia is factually the result of axial elongation of the eyeball. This in turn is the result of your genetic buildup or because of excessive working near digital devices. 

Additionally, quite a few people assume that such basic blue-light-filtering lenses also shut out chances of macular degeneration which is not true at all. Since this disorder occurs due to hereditary causes or environmental influences such as smoking or obesity, there’s really nothing besides a healthy lifestyle to control such incidents. 

Opting for the perfect blue-light-blocking glasses

When it comes to our kids, we want what’s best for them. In case you have made up your mind to get one for your child, we are here to assist you in purchasing the finest yet most stylish glasses. So, let’s move on and go through some key features that you might need to keep in mind during your purchase-

Frame Options

While getting light blocker glasses for your kids, the design must be a vital feature on your checklist. Stylish frames are a must when it comes to the new generation. Hence, try to avoid basic frame styles, such as black frames, and go for something fashionable instead. Let your kid feel comfortable and confident wearing these nonprescription lenses!


Consider picking out light lenses that are made of more sturdy materials. With lots of options to choose from, try to avoid less robust plastic frames as your kids might wear and tear them easily. Instead, go for a light metal pair of frames that will last longer while giving off a classy look.

Refunds and Warranties

Let’s be honest, okay? Glasses break, they break a lot! Especially when it comes to kids, they can be pretty whimsical and shatter framed glasses into pieces. So, remember to look out for refund policies as well as manufacture warranties. Most companies provide from 1 to 2-year warranty so pick one that does.

Company Claims

Even though some manufacturers might have a complete blue-light-blocking claim whilst preventing digital eyestrain, do your research! Be certain to check out reviews when placing the order to ensure overall customer satisfaction and whether they really help or not. 

Tips and tricks to save your kid’s eyes

Tips and tricks to save your kid’s eyes

One thing that most buyers presume is that blue-light-filtering lenses are the ultimate solution to safeguard your eyes. Regardless of how these glasses do mitigate blue light from tv or desktop screens, there are other notions to be kept in mind. 

  • Manage your child’s screen time to the least possible. Make sure that your kid is device-free for at least 2 hours prior to his or her bedtime. This will ensure a healthy sleeping schedule and your kid will wake up fresh in the morning.
  • Try opting for parental control features to be certain that your kid does not spend too much time browsing or YouTubing.
  • Set a routine for your children’s on-screen timing. Additionally, make a habit of taking breaks from digital screens every 20 minutes to avoid the eyes from drying out and causing eye discomfort. 
  • Screen filters such as the built-in dark mode in phones or the anti-glare filters in laptops can be heavily useful to prevent further eye damage. Hence, if your device has such options, make sure to change the settings for the best results!

Now that we are at the end, all we can hope is that we were able to explain the importance of dodging the harmful blue light spectrum. So, why wait anymore? Go and grab some good pairs of frames for your children right away to confirm their best ocular health!


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