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How many toys your kid have? Lego, puzzles, Dominos- there are so many of them. Kids love toys. They want to play with all of them, every day. Toys make your kid happy, get a smile on their face.

You love your child and want to make them smile, don’t you? But, the more toys you will get for your kid, the more mess it will create. There is a very tiny part of the toys. So, it will be a package of big toys, small toys and every part of it mixed up.

Now, it’s not an issue that my kid had lots of toys and he had to play with all of them every day. He just didn’t want to let any of his toys feel left alone. That’s very kind of him. But, that used to make some extra problem too. Because, my kid had to play with his every toy, every day and every other day some of the part of his toys used to get lost.

As toys have so many tiny parts, losing one of its parts broke them permanently. My kid used to get upset. And, it’s too normal for a child to react like that. And there were my issues too. I had to clean all day long! It used to seem like, how much I clean the mess, it becomes messier. Then, something just jumped out of nowhere in front of my eyes. It’s Toydozer!

One of my neighbors was using it for easy cleaning. I thought I should give it a try. It was really impressive to see a home clean and child happy at the same time. So, I didn’t need to put much pressure to get used to with it. Toydozer has two-part in it.

One is like a dustpan. You have to put all the toys on it. And there is another thing like a scoop, which will help you to put all the toys in the dustpan looks like gatherer. You just need to gather all the toys in it and keep it to a box in which you want to put all the toys in.

So, it is a really easy thing to use. And of course, very effective too. Even, it will help you to teach some good lesson too. If you want to involve your kid in the daily household works, Toydozer clean set will help you do that. So, what is the ultimate benefit of Toydozer?

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Toydozer Clean Set

Toydozer Clean Set


Easy Cleaning

Toydozer helps in making the cleaning process easy. It provides an easy option to gather every part of toys in one place easily. So, the whole process becomes very easy.

Good Learning for Kid

The more your kid will get involved in the household chores, the more he/she will be considerate about creating a mess. Cleaning mess created by toys will be very easy with the Toydozer. Your kid also will be able to do that once he is done with playing.

So, your kid will act mature and will help you in doing some other household chores too. It will make your daily life less stressful.

Nothing to Lose

With the mess, there comes the issue of losing toys too. And after some time, without the body part, all the attractive toys will be obsolete. So, you can’t lose any of the favorite toys of your kid. Toydozer can help you with doing that. It will ensure the fact that all the part of the toys is there in a certain box even after parting it and crushing it.

Use in Anywhere

Where do you need support in organizing your kid’s toys? Another amazing fact is, Toydozer is very light. So, you can use it in anywhere. Whether it is your kid’s school or home, you can carry it and clean the mess easily.

It’s comparatively tougher to gather all the toy parts from any place and leaving them behind make the chance of losing it more. Here, it is an easy option.

Good for Any Age

What’s your kid’s age? Toydozer can be used by kids of 3+ age. So, even if your kid is too little to understand anything, they can do the cleaning part and enjoy it too. It will make them both responsible and happy simultaneously.

If your kid has something small to play with, Toydozer is the best option. Though some complaint about it being small while using for the big toys. But, still, it is very useful for toys. Especially, if you have carpet in your house. It’s very frustrating to get all the tiny toy parts out from the carpet, isn’t it? Toydozer can make an easy way out for you.

But, still, if you want to explore something else? There are some options that you can go through. For example-

  • You can take Toydozer with a big dustpan. Then, the issue of not being able to contain large toys will be solved.
  • You can use things that you use for the general room cleaning. A dustbin will be enough for them. For engaging your child more and make it an easy process.
  • Besides, you can go for some alternative option of toy clean up. These are-
  • Wrapables Animal Mini Tabletop Vacuum, through which you can collect all the tiny parts of toys easily. Besides, it is so cute and easy to use that, your kid will love it.
  • 60″ Diameter Play Mat, on which you can let your kid play with their toys. After he/she is done, the mat can just be wrapped up. Especially, if you have any Lego or any tiny part in your kid’s toy, it can cover it too. Whether the toy is large or small, there is no way you lose any part of your kid’s toys.

Playing can be a fun thing. But, organizing all the toys is not near to that. It is depressing and frustrating. Your kid may not in the mood to clean the mess he/she has made with their toys. But, be sure that, if the process is easy, they will love cleaning it.

Toydozer clean set and 60″ Diameter Play Mat is something like that. It will make the total process of cleaning easier. So, are you done with the toy cleaning thing every day? Want to make it easier and fun not for you, even for your kid too? So, Go for Toydozer! And for more help explore the other options too. Happy cleaning!


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