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Do you want to be a successful dad? Maybe, your kid considers you a superhero. But, what do you think about it as a dad? Are you doing enough for your kid? For fathers, especially, who are still in their learning process to be a good dad, there is a lot to learn.

It is a process through which I had to pass too. But, honestly, because of my sports involvement, I enjoyed some basic benefits. I play basketball. And, in my process, I gathered experience and skills that helped me a lot to be a better dada.

I know, these are my experiences. But still, it may help you too. If you are a sports dad too, then for being a better dad take a look!

Parenting Lessons From a Sports Father

Discipline is everywhere

To be a good sportsperson, you need to be disciplined. But, is that all? Of course not. There are other portions of our life where you need it too.

It is better if you are disciplined in everywhere of your life. Especially, in a father, this quality is a must. Just think about all the necessity of a kid from their parents. Unless you are a disciplined person, you can’t fulfill their need. As his/her father, you have to multitask. And multitasking needs discipline. And, think about your kid’s future.

They will learn from you. It’s your discipline that can influence him/her and built as a disciplined person. If you are a mess in your whole life and suddenly trying to be disciplined only because of your kid, it can be so tough for you. As I learned the process of being disciplined from the field, for me it was not something new.


Group of Diverse Kids Hands Out Together Teamwork
Group of Diverse Kids Hands Out Together Teamwork

As a father, you can’t just let all the responsibilities be in your partner’s shoulder. Here is another thing that not only as a husband but also as a father made my standpoint very clear. In whatever position I was in my life, I practiced the role of being a team worker.

I believed that I can be a good father to my kid if I only get enough help from my partner. I worked as a team, I thought as a team. So, the result came out smooth. I again learned that working together can help everyone to do their best.


If you want to be the best in any field, you should be patient. My coach always used to tell me that, I am very impatient. I practiced a lot. And finally, not only in the field, I came out successfully in my home too. I won’t lie at all. Kids can be annoying sometimes.

They have too many questions, so many requirements. My patience helped me to go through all these things in a very calm mood.


There can be a time when you will feel that, nothing is going to be right. But still, a player doesn’t lose hope. Even he is losing the match, he continues to play with the same spirit in the heart. As a father, I felt frustrated sometimes. But then again, I never gave up. I tried again and again. And guess what? I won!

Great teacher

Kids need to learn many things to be compatible with the place they are in. Without experience, you may do things that are not appropriate for a kid to learn something. But, from my experience, I can say that sports dad are super awesome as a teacher.

I want to teach my kid everything that I learned. It is not like teaching him a poem or rules. It is something that a father can teach his son for the future. To be a good person, a kid needs to teach things. I think early childhood is a very effective time to make something good out of a white slate. And that happened to me.

(Hey dad, Enjoy your holiday and weekends with kids. Consider these ideas.)

My kid doesn’t know how to talk properly. But he knows how to help people, how to be sympathetic and a good person.

Relationship goal

Every day I take my kid out. We play together. Sometimes, we play a simple game like ‘hide and seek’. Sometimes, we play with words. But whatever we do, we enjoy it a lot. My kid likes the time. He waits for the time. And actually, it creates a great bonding between us.

Sports can be a relationship fixer. It can make something friendly out of father-son relation too. Do you want to be a friend of you kid? You can choose the way too.


Could your dad understand what you wanted from your life? I had to struggle a lot to play basketball. My dad wanted me to study all the time. Comparatively, it is easy for me to understand my kid and let him run for his dreams.

Knowing the boundary

I know there are some invisible boundaries. It is there not only between me and my wife. It is between me and my kid too. I do respect my kid’s decision. I know he is my kid. But, from sports what I learned is, whether a person is a child or an adult, it is always very important to listen to him/her and consider their comments as something valuable. It makes a relationship beautiful and full of trust.

Consistence parenting

Do you behave the same with your kid every day? Sometimes, we can’t play a consistent role as parents. But, it is very necessary. Based on it your kid will perceive the total image. If you say something today and say something opposite in the other day, it will just confuse your kid. I bet you don’t want it. Sports make people more focused and consistency.

Sports is not only a medium of entertainment. There are lots of part of your life that you can improve through the help of sports. As a sports dad, I enjoyed the benefits fully. Sports helped me learn, grow and think to be a better dad. I got the benefits. Do you want to enjoy it too?


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