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kids tech according to apple
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If you are the 80s or 90s child, you won’t know it. But children of the 20s are not like the others. They have been and brought up in a digital environment. We might have gone out to the playground but they have spent their time before the PC. From video games to mobile apps, they are all about electronic goods.

And Apple has perceived before about the interest of the teens in smart devices along with the learning apps. Teens and kids are also interested in all mobile technologies.

For meeting the need for education, communication, and other developments, technology is their first priority. And so, after perceiving it, Apple decided to include features regarding the needs of the teens and kids in their iPads.

These days, digital and mobile technology is acquiring momentum with children. And on this basis, MDG Advertising has come up with an infographic. And the infographic shows us how

Apple is infiltrating the children’s lives. From birth to their school, this is following the kids. The smart devices come with advantages for special education needs. On the other hand, these digital devices such as smartwatches, kids Fitbit, or GPS used by the kids are also influencing the literacy and learning sectors.

If you go through the infographic, you will know how Apple is having an impact on the kids and how it is raising its popularity among the teens of these days.

In the first phase of the infographic, it is clearly mentioned how the kids of these days are mobile. In comparison to the other generations, nowadays, the children are mobile, vigorous, and adaptable.

With this infographic, we also get to know that the kids of these days use iPod and iPad more than the adults. If you compare this, you can divide the iPod users and iPad users into two divisions- adults and kids.

You will see that kids are leading! Yes, 50% of the users of iPod and iPad are children. And these are not teens but the five years old!

So, half of the iPod and iPad Apple sells are used by the kids that are below five years. And this is not very tough to understand. In most cases, no matter it is a holiday gift, Christmas gift, or a birthday gift, the top list of kids nowadays are these smart devices.

So, the infographic should be pretty acceptable to all of us. In the wishlists of these kids, 44% request is for iPad or kids android tablets, and 30% request is for iPhone and iPod.

If you go through the infographic properly, you will see the use of the iPads in the schools and specifically in the classrooms. Mobile technology in the education sector is increasing day by day. According to the infographic, the number of iPads used in the classrooms these days is 1.5 million. And you also can expect that as the number is increasing, it will keep going upward in the upcoming years.

Seeing this increment continuously, Apple has moved forward to build more techs for the students. It will be coming with iTextbooks for the student kids. This will be designed for virtually all grades and subjects in the near future.

If you don’t know already we must tell you that Apple is a step ahead always. And so, they have already released free digital education via iTunesU. This is used by universities and colleges. More than 1000 institutions use free digital education by Apple.

This free education technology by Apple includes more than 5000,000 free audio and video materials. And people around the globe have downloaded them more than 700 million times. On the contrary, not only in the devices but these technologies also have real-life benefits.

With the help of an education app by iPad, more than 27% of kindergarteners have improved their vocabularies. The change has also been seen in younger children. More than 17% of three years old kids have developed their vocabularies with the use of iPad education apps. There are also studies on this fact.

And in the final sector, you can see the specific difference that a handy device can make in the lives of the kids of these days. This tech giant app is not only for normal children but also for individuals with autism.

You will find 900 apps in the Apple Store that are designed to help the people that are not familiar with the regular learning methods. These apps are autism-related and the basic focus of these apps is to improve reading, listening, speaking, language, and other capabilities.

When you go through the special tools outside, you will see that these will cost more than one’s salary. But the apps by Apple are the saviors to the parents that have autistic kids.

It has been several years that the Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices are out for the people. And among the AAC users, 90% of people own an iPad for their communication purposes. According to the survey, more than 50% of users also felt that they have visible improvement in their speech.

The rate of success is high. And if the success rate keeps increasing, the ongoing development will also be higher. For all the digital and mobile technology tools designed for learning shows an improved rate in the education sector.

For better understanding, you can go through the infographic. It tells you details on the iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices sales for the educational purpose of the kids.

With the increment of technologies around the globe, not all the apps are great for the children. But the techs specially made for kids for the purpose of learning can really change the game for the users. Techs like this should be increased so that we can see visible improvement in the language and other learning territories.

Kid Tech According to Apple [Infographic]
Infographic By MDG Advertising

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