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Just like adults, kids can also experience insomnia although the reason for theirs might be a little different than ours. They may have had too much stimulation before bedtime or they are scared of being alone. Whatever it may be, child insomnia is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. At this stage, they are still growing and developing and they need all the sleep they can get.

If you are struggling with this problem with your own child, here are some things you can do to make your bedroom space conducive for sleep. 

Have a lamp

The right kind of lighting will not only help your child fall asleep, it will also eliminate their fear of the dark. You neither want it to be too light or too dark. Bright light signals the body to be awake while insufficient illumination can make the child feel scared. Opt for a soft yellow or orange light that is just dim enough to illuminate the area they’re sleeping in. 

Keep the room at the right temperature

If it’s too hot or too cold in the room, it will be difficult for your child to fall asleep. Make sure that the bedroom is just at the right temperature by adjusting the air conditioner or fan accordingly. Also, pay attention to the bedding as this could be contributing to the uncomfortable temperature. Don’t make it too thick that they find it too hot but don’t skimp out on bedsheets either. Most kids find comfort when they have a blanket covering their legs.

Disassociate the room with stimulating activities

A good habit to instill in your child is to keep stimulating activities out of the bedroom. This means that all play, watching TV, or even eating should not be done here. One big problem that children face today is too much screen time. You might not realize it but excessive screen time could be the main culprit behind your child’s insomnia. Keep screens away from the bedroom and try to limit your child’s exposure to screens since these devices emit a blue light that can keep one awake for hours.

Consider using sleep aids

Sleep aids are accessories you can use to help make falling asleep easier. Depending on what the cause of your child’s insomnia is, you can employ a few sleep aids that will help reduce the issue.

For example, if they cannot sleep because they have asthma, you may want to use an air purifier which eliminates dust and other allergens. If your child is used to sharing the bed with you, weighted blankets are great for anxiety since they provide similar comfort. Troubleshoot what the problem is so you can bring in the right sleep aid solution for it. 

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Display photos that make them happy

This is a great way to add some personality into your kid’s bedroom. But beyond that, it can give them the kind of comfort that will help with their sleep. Put up pictures that make them happy whether it’s family photos or a drawing of their favorite cartoon character. Your child will come to associate this space with peace and happiness making it easier for them to fall asleep. 

Get the right mattress

A comfortable mattress may just be all your child needs to get rid of insomnia. Their bed should neither be too soft nor too firm. Just like adults, kids too require the right bedding to support their joints and muscles. Shop around for a mattress with quality materials and is big enough to accommodate them until they grow older. 

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Bring Nature Into The Room

It’s hard to create an exciting room while keeping the balance of a tranquil calming environment to boost triggers making relaxation and sleep easier. A great way to bring in the excitement of nature, while keeping a calming atmosphere is to make use of nature images like birds flying in the sky, or trees swaying with the ocean breeze. 

Make Use Of Neutral Colors

When it comes to creating a calming environment in rooms, one of the things we see most overlooked is the impact that colors have on our mental state. Believe it or not, different colors can influence our perception and even moods. Brighter / harsher colors such as red, yellow, and even purple can cause stimulation in the neurons, making it harder to sleep. Calm colors like pastel, grey, dark blue etc. can boost relaxation and help keep things calm and surreal in the room.

Keep Clutter Away 

Clutter makes it a ton harder to sleep. It keeps the mind thinking, even if the eyes are not visually looking at the mess. And lets face it, we all know how crazy a kids bedroom can get. A good idea is to make it a nightly routine to pack toys away and tidy up the room. Not only will this help teach your little one some responsibility. But, it will also ensure there is a perfect atmosphere for when bedtime comes, and it’s time to try and sleep. 

Think Of Investing In A Fish Tank 

Of all the tips we have in this article, this one is probably the most unique. Although it’s not entirely necessary, if nothing else is working – a dimly lit fish tank could be something interesting to watch while your little one dozes off. Having them focus on the fish, instead of all the toys that they are playing with could be a great way to get their minds into a more sleep-ready state. Here are a few guides to buying the right fish tank for your little one. 

What’s the one element in your bedroom that contributed to your child’s insomnia? Which of these tips are you considering doing first? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

kids tech according to apple
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If you are the 80s or 90s child, you won’t know it. But children of the 20s are not like the others. They have been and brought up in a digital environment. We might have gone out to the playground but they have spent their time before the PC. From video games to mobile apps, they are all about electronic goods.

And Apple has perceived before about the interest of the teens in smart devices along with the learning apps. Teens and kids are also interested in all mobile technologies.

For meeting the need for education, communication, and other developments, technology is their first priority. And so, after perceiving it, Apple decided to include features regarding the needs of the teens and kids in their iPads.

These days, digital and mobile technology is acquiring momentum with children. And on this basis, MDG Advertising has come up with an infographic. And the infographic shows us how

Apple is infiltrating the children’s lives. From birth to their school, this is following the kids. The smart devices come with advantages for special education needs. On the other hand, these digital devices such as smartwatches, kids Fitbit, or GPS used by the kids are also influencing the literacy and learning sectors.

If you go through the infographic, you will know how Apple is having an impact on the kids and how it is raising its popularity among the teens of these days.

In the first phase of the infographic, it is clearly mentioned how the kids of these days are mobile. In comparison to the other generations, nowadays, the children are mobile, vigorous, and adaptable.

With this infographic, we also get to know that the kids of these days use iPod and iPad more than the adults. If you compare this, you can divide the iPod users and iPad users into two divisions- adults and kids.

You will see that kids are leading! Yes, 50% of the users of iPod and iPad are children. And these are not teens but the five years old!

So, half of the iPod and iPad Apple sells are used by the kids that are below five years. And this is not very tough to understand. In most cases, no matter it is a holiday gift, Christmas gift, or a birthday gift, the top list of kids nowadays are these smart devices.

So, the infographic should be pretty acceptable to all of us. In the wishlists of these kids, 44% request is for iPad or kids android tablets, and 30% request is for iPhone and iPod.

If you go through the infographic properly, you will see the use of the iPads in the schools and specifically in the classrooms. Mobile technology in the education sector is increasing day by day. According to the infographic, the number of iPads used in the classrooms these days is 1.5 million. And you also can expect that as the number is increasing, it will keep going upward in the upcoming years.

Seeing this increment continuously, Apple has moved forward to build more techs for the students. It will be coming with iTextbooks for the student kids. This will be designed for virtually all grades and subjects in the near future.

If you don’t know already we must tell you that Apple is a step ahead always. And so, they have already released free digital education via iTunesU. This is used by universities and colleges. More than 1000 institutions use free digital education by Apple.

This free education technology by Apple includes more than 5000,000 free audio and video materials. And people around the globe have downloaded them more than 700 million times. On the contrary, not only in the devices but these technologies also have real-life benefits.

With the help of an education app by iPad, more than 27% of kindergarteners have improved their vocabularies. The change has also been seen in younger children. More than 17% of three years old kids have developed their vocabularies with the use of iPad education apps. There are also studies on this fact.

And in the final sector, you can see the specific difference that a handy device can make in the lives of the kids of these days. This tech giant app is not only for normal children but also for individuals with autism.

You will find 900 apps in the Apple Store that are designed to help the people that are not familiar with the regular learning methods. These apps are autism-related and the basic focus of these apps is to improve reading, listening, speaking, language, and other capabilities.

When you go through the special tools outside, you will see that these will cost more than one’s salary. But the apps by Apple are the saviors to the parents that have autistic kids.

It has been several years that the Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices are out for the people. And among the AAC users, 90% of people own an iPad for their communication purposes. According to the survey, more than 50% of users also felt that they have visible improvement in their speech.

The rate of success is high. And if the success rate keeps increasing, the ongoing development will also be higher. For all the digital and mobile technology tools designed for learning shows an improved rate in the education sector.

For better understanding, you can go through the infographic. It tells you details on the iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices sales for the educational purpose of the kids.

With the increment of technologies around the globe, not all the apps are great for the children. But the techs specially made for kids for the purpose of learning can really change the game for the users. Techs like this should be increased so that we can see visible improvement in the language and other learning territories.

Kid Tech According to Apple [Infographic]
Infographic By MDG Advertising

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The early years of a child’s life are focused on learning and developing the skills that they will need as adults. Gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are important physical abilities as they allow children to interact with their surroundings. Riding a cycle helps to instil and improve these motor skills in toddlers and young kids.

A trike is a bike with a third wheel for support and balance. It is a great way to introduce your little one to the joy of cycling minus the dangers. You can buy your child a trike with a push handle as this will give you control over the steering.

Toddlers and young children are still developing their sense of balance. This means that they are prone to falls and injuries. This is why it is important to make sure that your child uses the proper safety gear while cycling.

6 Tips for Cycling Safety Gear for Kids

cycling safety gears for kids


A good helmet is an absolute must

A recent study on bicycle-related injuries among children found that there are more than 600 cases per day across the country per day. The most common injuries were to the upper extremities including minor bruises and scrapes as well as serious injuries including traumatic brain injuries. A bike helmet is a proven way to decrease the severity and likelihood of a head injury.

When choosing a helmet, look for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker to ensure that the helmet meets the required quality and safety standards. A good fit is also important to make sure that it stays in place. You will need to measure the circumference of your child’s head at about an inch above their eyebrows and compare this to the manufacturer’s listed size range to get a helmet that fits your child perfectly.

Buy elbow and knee pads at brick and mortar stores

Elbow and knee pads can be very uncomfortable which is why kids often refuse to wear them. A simple way to avoid arguments over elbow and knee pads is to avoid buying them from online stores and instead opt for a brick and mortar stores. This will give your child a chance to try on various options so that she can choose one that she likes. Look for pads that have Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam cushioning as this material is light but absorbs impact shock.

It is best to encourage your kids to use elbow and knee pads but don’t force it. If your child is at that stage where she says “no” to everything and refuses to use elbow and knee pads, you can use this as a teachable moment to help her develop her own decision making skills. It’s understandable that you would want to protect your child as much as you can but it is important for her to learn from experience.


Buy high-quality Toe Clips

In the last decade, toe clips have gained popularity, especially among beginners. Toe clips are a foot retention system that keep your foot in place and prevent your feet from slipping off the pedal.

Toe clips with straps may be a little intimidating for beginners, especially children so you can use cage-style toe clips instead. The cage also helps your kids keep their feet in the most effective position for pedalling which is the ball of their foot on the pedal. Some pedals add additional power through upward foot motions as well which increase the efficiency of the pedal stroke.

It is important to invest in high-quality toe clips as most inexpensive toe clips compromise on quality in order to remain on the lower end of the cost spectrum. This means that the mechanical components are more likely to break or fail which can increase the risk of a fall.


Don’t ignore eye protection

Cycling glasses or sunglasses for kids are not just a cute fashion accessory as they provide long-term eye health benefits. For instance, the risk of cataracts is tripled by long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays but sunglasses provide up to 100% UV protection. The effects of UV damage are cumulative which means that even short but frequent outdoor cycling can result in vision problems for your child later on.

Cycling glasses also offer protection from the elements as well as dust particles and bugs. If something gets into your child’s eye while he is cycling, he is likely to lose his focus and fall.

When picking out cycling glasses for your child, look for one that offers decent coverage around the sides of the eyes for maximum protection. The glasses should also have a rubber nosepiece that can be adjusted according to the dimensions of your child’s nose to prevent the glasses from slipping off.


Invest in visibility aids

Visibility aids increase rider safety as they ensure that drivers are able to see the cyclist when they are still a long way off. Visibility aids include bike reflectors for the front and back of the bike as well as amber reflectors for the pedals, seat-post and rear rack.

You can also attach a bright orange safety flag to the back of your child’s bike. Kids’ 16-inch bikes are much smaller than adult cycles and so they are more easily overlooked by drivers. An orange safety flag ensures that your child is more visible to other drivers which will reduce the risk of an accident. This is especially important if you live in an urban area. In addition to bike reflectors, you can also give your child a reflective vest that can be worn over a t-shit or jacket.


Install a bright LED front light

Toddlers and young kids do not need front lights since they won’t be cycling in the night. However, if your kids are older and prefer to go cycling with their friends later in the evening, it would be wise to install bright LED front lights for maximum visibility.

When buying a front light for a bicycle, choose one that is bright, easy to install and water resistant. You should also check the type of power source required for these lights. Older bicycle lights require ordinary batteries while most of the newer ones have rechargeable batteries built in. Many of the rechargeable batteries can be charged using a USB cable which makes them very convenient and easy to use.

Whether you’re buying safety gear or a bicycle for your child, always make sure that it fits their current requirements and that they do not need to “grow into it”. You cannot expect your six-year old child to continue using the same bike he used when he was three years old as he would have outgrown it. As a general rule of thumb, a 20 inch bike is ideal for kids who are 6-9 years old, though some may even be suitable for older kids as they have adjustable handles and seats.


In addition to bicycle safety gear, you should also ensure that your child understands the rules of the road.


Are you searching for an easy way to tell that you are going away? It’s never going to be easy, trust us! But you have to let the kid know about it as you cannot hide it!

When it is the first time, it will be tough. But you have to be strong and take things on your hands. Only you can make it possible in the right way!

when daddy is deployed
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They deserve to Know

Take time until the date of your deployment is declared. And when it is declared, you have to be honest. Be honest when you talk about your coming back. If you have small children, they might not be able to accept the long term distance from you.

However, never lie. If you are not coming back home until Christmas, you have to tell that clearly but softly. You can tell your kid to mark the calendar and wait for you.

There are also children that are a little bigger. In this case, they might see newspapers or TV news and get worried about you. You have to ensure that you do a job and in the military, measures will be taken for your safety.


Their Safety is Important

You have to make sure that your children are safe. When you are going out for your job in the military, you have to make them feel protected first.

If your child is young, they might keep questioning you about the change in your routine. You have to take the time and answer them. Make a proper routine that makes him feel good.


Ways of Communication

Goodbyes might be a little tougher for your child than you. And so, you have to deal with it cautiously. Communication, for a child, is more important when it’s time to be deployed. When you are leaving him, make sure you tell him to email you.

Also, you can give him something of yours and take something of him so that he can feel close to you when you are away. Talk about the people he is going to stay with, it will make him comfortable.

father love

More time, more love

Kids need to get loved when you are home. You will not be here for a long period and so, you have to give him the extra time he needs to cope with it.

Tell him that you know it is tough for him to stay without you but also tell him to give his best. Work together in this spare time. Have movies together. Cook and fix the car. Paint the walls and click pictures together as memories!


Routine is the Key

When you are out, keep somebody there to take care of him. Make the caregivers know their duties properly. Ensure that home is predictable for you. Tell the caregivers to keep the regular routine.

Make sure the way you left, it should be there when you come back. The small things like going to bed at 10 pm to making cookies on Sunday should be the same when you leave.


Presence in Absence

Make sure that the caregivers ensure your position in the life of your child. Make a routine when you both will look at the previous pictures to remember each other. You can tell the caregivers keep your presence on every occasion so that your kid never feels alone.

This will make him feel that you are around him. Also, keep talking to him. If he is upset or has any misconception, try to talk and solve it. Don’t keep it for the day you come back. Otherwise, it will worsen.


You need Help

When you are going through a departure, not only your child but you can also get into behind sad. You can fall into trouble. However, there are several programs by the Armed Force to help families like yours.

Make sure you take advantage. Also, let your friends and relatives know about your situation. Also, tell them to help you and visit your child more often.


Returning in Rhythm

Leaving is tough but returning is tougher. Trust us, when we say it! When you have been out of your home for more than 7-12 months, you cannot expect the home to be the same.

Your child will grow a little. In cases, he might have missed you a lot. In some cases, you might have forgotten you a bit.

Your child might not be the same person when you come back. This is heartbreaking but you might see that your kid is avoiding you. But hold on, this is normal. He might be upset for you to stay away from him for so long. If you try to change his new routine, it might also annoy him.


Adjust and Accept

You cannot only adjust but you have to accept it! Yes, you have to accept his changed behavior. If he is not like before anymore, accept it. He is a child and he won’t be able to adjust with your life. So, you need to take a step forward and try to adjust to his new lifestyle.

Start talking to him and giving him time. Talk to him about what he did all these times. The first few days will be tough.

Try to get into his routine as a part of it. Try to consult him about the troubles he has been through and apologize to him for not being there in his tough times. Tell him how tough your job is and how you missed him.

Start working together just like before. You won’t be here forever and let him know that again. Know his friends and spend time with them. Participate in what he likes and things will get better!


Wrap Up

Even if you have two children, they won’t be the same. No child is the same as the other. And so, you have to understand your child first.

Whatever you do, make sure it doesn’t affect the future of your child in any negative way. Talk as much as you can to know what your kid wants. Remember, the conversation has always opened the door of comfort and reliability.

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If you have never thought about being a dad to your child, this is the right time to think about it!

This might seem a little cringy for you to behave like a dad because we all are not used to behave like one.

But if you want to be a better father, there are five basic rules to know your child and make them a better person.

Being a dad is never easy but we have to make things easier for our child! All we want is the happiness of our kids!

Here, I will talk about five specific things that I did and they made me feel good.

as a dad i think i did right

Read to Them

There is nothing better than books to teach someone something. They say books can let you travel without you moving your feet. And if you want your children to see the world with the eyes of the intellectuals, books are the key.

In the beginning, I didn’t do this intentionally. I used to read books for myself and my kid used to listen carefully. One day he quoted me something from a book I read before him and I realized that kids really listen to us. When they get into the habit of reading books before them, they start to admire this.

As a result, they will never spend a day without reading books. As kids follow us, I think it is amazing to put the habit of reading books into them. He can know the world better.

family dinner

Have Family Dinners

Family dinners may look a little annoying and cheesy but this is very helpful. It is very special for your kid.

As a dad, you might think it’s about food but trust me, it is not. When I started going to family dinners once a month, I realized that I am getting to know my child better.

You don’t want your child to tell you one day that you don’t even know his favorite food, do you? That’s what it is! To know him better and to let him know about you more, family dinners are important.

Also, this is a way to get the family together for spending quality time out of chaos. This makes the children closer to their parents. He will get to see the outer world and know how the world works if you go out in dinners.

The extra benefit you get is your child can know about different foods along with the names of the countries written beside the foods. It helps to develop his vocabulary.


Play with the Kids

No father will deny that you can know your children more when you are playing. When they play, they are real. They behave the way they actually are. In this case, if you spend time with him, you can support him in building his world.

On the other hand, when you are playing, give him a chance to be the leader. I did this and trust me this helped in building a leadership capability in my son. Also, while playing, provide her toys for both male and female children.

In this way, he will have no gender discrimination in his mind. Go for kid’s sensory toys to kid’s bikes. If you cannot go outside, bring him a kid’s indoor play setup. When they are playing, you can easily teach him stuff.

Tell him about the small specifics of the toys he plays with. This can let him know the small details and be more interested in those. Also, you can easily understand what’s the aim of your child in his life by playing with him.

playging with kids

Teach Them Stuff

When you are doing your work, if he comes in, welcome him. Do not get angry or annoyed. When I work, I have seen my son copying me. So, in short, your kid follows you. This is a great opportunity to teach him the basics.

If you are working with a camera, let him participate in it. If he is interested. Buy him an action camera. You can also do household chores and make him participate in that. To keep his track, you can use a kid’s Fitbit or activity tracker. 

Let him know that all works are equal. When you are cleaning the yard, let him help you. Participating will make him interested in work. If you don’t let him participate, once he gets a little old, he won’t be interested anymore.

Let him watch the TV news and let him know how to talk over the phone. Teach him mannerisms and make him know how to behave in formal places. Let him know how to switch on the space heater and how to take out the mattress.

Let him know what’s his duty. This will bring up a better version of your child.


Just Be There

The best thing I did was to be there beside my children no matter what. In every thick and thin, you have to be beside them. They might face problems in their lives. Especially when you are the only parent or when your child reaches the teenage, things may go wrong.

All you have to do is stay by his side. Don’t be angry or rude to them. Try to understand their points and then share your opinions with them. Don’t force anything. Let them know that you understand them and you will always be there for them.

Wrap Up

Being a dad might be a little struggling. But you have to make a list of your ethics. No child is the same and so, you have to make decisions according to your child. First of all, knowing them is the best way to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

If you haven’t done these all, you still have time! Do all these five things and see yourself getting proud of you!

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